Radical Dream

AISA is creating a DEIJ Guide for International Schools and we need your help!

It is important to us that the guide reflect your hopes and dreams of a fully diverse, equitable, inclusive and just school. Please share your Radical Dream with us here – it can be a story, a video, poem, song, art, photo, whatever represents your dream best.

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For over five decades, the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), has been developing and delivering strategic programmes supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking and wellbeing in international schools across the continent.

We also provide our members with access to world-leading experts, advisors, trainers and facilitators specialising in matters such as school governance and leadership, professional learning, blended learning, child protection and wellbeing, inclusive education, innovation and technology, and more.

AISA’s membership includes some 80 Associate Members comprising businesses, organisations and universities throughout the world whose primary mission is to serve the various needs of our member schools. The contribution of these Learning Partners is invaluable.

AISA ensures that school leaders, educators, and co-professionals are always learning and growing, thereby creating a productive school environment within which fresh, new ideas and practices can inspire students to focus, flourish and fully prepare to become global citizens.

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AISA Learning Events

Plan your learning diary for the year ahead, and view AISA’s long-term PLI calendar here.

AISA’s Professional Learning (PL) events are focused, high-impact events that address the unique qualities of teaching, leading, and learning in an international school setting. AISA values learning where participants collaborate, practice in their school setting, and are ready to implement meaningful, sustained change as a result of their PL experience.

With this in mind, we have designed Deep Dives that blend synchronous and asynchronous PL. Each Deep Dive takes a thematic focus and explores it in-depth, thus preparing participants to take the next steps in their practice at school. Our Virtual Conference Day combines impactful professional learning with conversations to connect and reflect with colleagues from across our region.

As well as offering aspects of teaching, leading and learning in our Deep Dives and Virtual Conference Day, AISA provides specialist learning opportunities for co-professionals in schools including librarians, counsellors, business managers, school nurses, and admissions managers. Everyone in the AISA network of schools has the opportunity to learn collaboratively, share good practices, and contribute further to the effectiveness of their schools.


  • Blended Learning

    Blended Learning

    We believe that blended learning transforms student learning through personalisation and increased autonomy.
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  • Child Protection

    Child Protection

    The wellbeing, peace of mind and safety of its member schools' students is of paramount importance to AISA.
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    Child Protection
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

    AISA aims to enhance the effectiveness of AISA schools to promote a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just community for all educators and students.
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  • Governance & Leadership

    Governance & Leadership

    Understanding that strong governance is an essential part of school effectiveness, AISA is committed to providing school support and guidance in this essential area.
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  • School Effectiveness

    School Effectiveness

    AISA has developed the AISA School Effectiveness Framework (SEF) which suggests good practices, structures and resources that support learning.
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  • School Exchange

    School Exchange

    The AISA School Exchange Programme provides support for two full member schools wishing to collaborate.
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  • Service Learning

    Service Learning

    AISA is a leader in the promotion of a culture of service learning in the Africa region.
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  • Visiting Consultant & Author

    Visiting Consultant & Author

    AISA provides advisory, logistical and financial support to member schools who wish to engage with consultants or authors.
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  • Wellbeing for all

    Wellbeing for all

    The wellbeing and safety of everyone associated with AISA's member schools are of paramount importance.
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    Wellbeing for All

Scholarships & Awards

  • Scholarships and Awards For Educators and School Leaders

    Scholarships and Awards For Educators and School Leaders

    We understand that the costs of event registration may sometimes prevent certain member schools from attending AISA learning events. Therefore, AISA is offering a range of professional scholarships.
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  • Scholarships and Awards For Students

    Scholarships and Awards For Students

    AISA has developed a number of student events, scholarships and awards in order to acknowledge and celebrate the awesome students that we ultimately endeavour to serve.
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  • Service Learning School Programme

    Service Learning School Programme

    This award honours a school’s curricular service learning programme and is meant to celebrate the successes of AISA member schools in supporting the development of purposeful and impactful embedded...
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AISA on Facebook

The 2023 AISA School Heads Retreat takes place on the 28th and 29th of April, and is an opportunity for school heads to learn from each other, build community, and reflect on their experiences in an informal way. The retreat also includes time for relaxation. To read more and register, click here #learning #community #reflection #relax ... See MoreSee Less
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AISA is proud to introduce our Showcased Associate for March, Ed-admin. The Ed-admin Education Enterprise Management System is completely browser based and offers more than 45 modules. These include admissions, academic, financial, LMS, and parent/student portal function. To read more, click here #showcasedassociate #ed-admin #EnterpriseManagement #integratedsolution #education ... See MoreSee Less
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Nominations for the AISA Outstanding Contribution Award is open. This award, which will be presented at the AISA 2023 Conference Gala Dinner later this year, publicly acknowledges and appreciates individuals or associates who have made an outstanding contribution to the AISA community. Click here to learn about the selection criteria, process and responsibilities of this award #outstandingcontribution #nominate #acknowledge #appreciate ... See MoreSee Less
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The AISA Resource Library is a wealth of information and a comprehensive collection of quality resources on various topics from creative arts to intercultural education. If you've created or found a valuable resource, we encourage you to share it. To read more, click here #ResourceLibrary #education #information #learning #growingminds ... See MoreSee Less
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Our upcoming events for the rest of March and April focus on learning support and achieving excellence. Supporting Inquiry-based Learning with News Media Resources shows educators how news media can empower and support learners. The AISA Institute for Executive and Admin Assistants and Secretaries is about achieving excellence in your work field through world-class collaborative learning. To read more and register, click here #learn #Excel #collaborate #aisaevents ... See MoreSee Less
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AISA on Twitter

Congratulations to the winners and nominees for the 2021/22 AISA Service Awards! We are so excited and inspired by the engaging, meaningful service learning initiatives taking place in our region. Click here to find out more:

The 2021/22 school year is nearly over! Tell us about the fun activities, awards and heart-warming experiences that made your 2021/22 school year special. Share your stories in the comments and let’s celebrate the end of another amazing school year together!

This weekend was World Book and Copyright Day. Books help us share ideas, obtain information, and inspire admiration for different cultures, enabling far-reaching forms of dialogue between people across space and time.

AISA’s upcoming Service Learning Virtual Conference offers a great opportunity to take stock of what we’ve learned during the past two years and imagine how we can reinvigorate our service learning programmes. Open to all AISA members, register here:

The theme of the 2022 AISA Global Issues Services Summit (AISA-GISS), is Ukutsiba Phambili, the Xhosa phrase for ‘Leaping Forward’. We are excited about this opportunity to showcase our acts of service as well as advance the promise of equality and dignity throughout Africa.

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