View our long-term PLI calendar below. The calendar will be updated throughout the year, and we encourage the AISA community to plan their learning diary in advance. Click on the event name to register.



MonthDateEvent NameFacilitator
11 September 2023 The AISA-NESLI Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit
Virtual Workshops
Chanel Worsteling and Graham Watts
2 October 2023 - 31 May 2024 Online Consultation Groups for Counselors
Virtual Workshops
The Truman Group
4 October 2023 - 5 October 2023 Leveraging Generative AI across K-12: An Inclusive Design Sprint
Conference Events
John Burns
5 October 2023 - 5 October 2023 AISA School Counsellor’s Pre-Conference
Conference Events
Dr Alyssa Clayden
Chanel Worsteling
5 October 2023 - 5 October 2023 AISA Service Learning Symposium: Service Learning for Deep & Authentic Engagement
Conference Events
AISA Service Learning Design Team
5 October 2023 - 5 October 2023 AISA Student Support Coordinators’ Symposium
Conference Events
Stacy Shipman
Heidi Laws
6 October 2023 - 6 October 2023 DEIJ Symposium and Launch of DEIJ Guide
Conference Events
Nneka Johnson
7 October 2023 - 9 October 2023 2023 AISA Conference
Conference Events
AISA Consultants
9 October 2023 - 9 October 2023 Emergency Preparedness Symposium
Conference Events
Graham Carlini Watts
Bridget Davies
18 October 2023 AISA DEIJ Guide: Pathways to Transformation – STRATEGIC THINKING
Virtual Workshops
Peter Bateman
25 October 2023 - 22 November 2023 Oral Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years
Virtual Workshops
Liz DenHartigh
3 November 2023 - 4 November 2023 Innovate-EDU Africa
Professional Learning Institutes
Ken Shelton, Ben Whitaker, Kevin Sherman, plus five others
4 November 2023 - 5 November 2023 Empowering Teacher Leaders: Fostering Excellence in Our Schools
Professional Learning Institutes
Stacy Stephens
4 November 2023 - 5 November 2023 Moving Inclusion: Physical Education For All
Professional Learning Institutes
Angela Respecki
4 November 2023 - 5 November 2023 AISA Admission and Marketing Institute: Raising the Profile of School Advancement
Professional Learning Institutes
Jessica Fortin
Chris Clark
8 November 2023 Expanding Inclusion Action Lab: Changemaking Using AISA’s DEIJ Handbook
Virtual Workshops
Mary Powell
15 November 2023 AISA Wellbeing for All Book Club
Virtual Workshops
Dr Graham Carlini Watts & Chanel Worsteling
15 November 2023 AISA DEIJ Guide: Pathways to Transformation – TEACHING & LEARNING
Virtual Workshops
Maipelo N'Guessan
1 December 2023 - 2 December 2023 Mindsets in Mathematics Teaching & Learning and Equitable Assessment Practices
Professional Learning Institutes
Megan Holmstrom
17 February 2024 - 18 February 2024 Building a Collaborative Culture: Working Together for Student Success
Professional Learning Institutes
Ellen Mahoney
Homa Tavangar
Paul Bloomberg
Colleen Fletcher
Jasmine Howell
21 February 2024 AISA DEIJ Guide: Pathways to Transformation – SUPPORTING STUDENTS AND STAFF
Virtual Workshops
Elmeka Henderson
24 February 2024 - 25 February 2024 Learning Through Wellness
Professional Learning Institutes
Dale Sidebottom
27 February 2024 - 9 April 2024 Reciprocal Community Partnerships
Virtual Workshops
LeeAnne Lavender
Shei Ascencio
2 March 2024 - 3 March 2024 Cultivating Flow Translanguaging for Dynamic Multilingual Ecosystems in International Schools
Professional Learning Institutes
Beth Puma

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