Child Protection

“Schools have a duty of care to protect children and prevent them from harm, and act with a sense of urgency if a child is at risk of harm.”
International Task Force on Child Protection, School Evaluation Committee

AISA has been at the forefront of promoting child protection and safeguarding in international schools since the publication of its seminal Child Protection Handbook in 2016. Since then, AISA has continued to be a leading voice in the international school sector, creating resources, online community groups, and learning events that support member schools to implement best practice child protection programming that promotes the safety and wellbeing of all students.

Child Protection Learning Events

Preventing child abuse takes leadership, commitment, and courage. It means prioritising the safety and wellbeing of children by putting their rights and needs at the centre of your school’s mission. This is why child protection and safeguarding continue to be a strategic priority for AISA and why we will always offer a variety of ways in which your school can develop your capacity to keep children safe.

Child Protection Webinars

Webinars offer schools an easy way to access current leading practice in child protection and safeguarding. This semester AISA is hosting a number of webinars to build the skills and knowledge of your child protection and wellbeing teams. Click here for further details.

AISA Child Protection Community Online Event

To kick off the year and support schools in their efforts to plan and implement a thorough child protection programme for the 2021-22 school year, AISA will be facilitating an online meeting for all school child protection leaders and team members. See our website for further details: 5 Fast Tasks for Your Child Protection Team

AISA-ICMEC Level 1 & 2 Training (Online)

This year, AISA plans to offer ICMEC’s Level 1 and Level 2 training for school child protection teams. In partnership with ICMEC and utilising ICMEC regional trainers, AISA will offer Level 1 training toward the end of 2021, and for schools who have completed Level 1, Level 2 will be offered in early 2022. Details coming soon.

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Child Protection Learning Events

Child Protection Community

Leading your school’s child protection programme can feel overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the role or the AISA region. To reduce your sense of isolation, AISA has put in place several ways for you to connect with other child protection advocates in the region. These groups are designed to offer support, guidance, and encouragement as you lead your school’s efforts to keep children safe.

Join Our Child Protection Discussion Forum
  • Online Supervision Groups for AISA Counsellors

    Online Supervision Groups for AISA Counsellors

    AISA has established a number of groups that provide a peer community of support for school counsellors.
    Read more
  • Child Protection Practice Group

    Child Protection Practice Group

    The purpose of the Child Protection Practice Group is to provide an online community for member school Designated Safety Leads (DSLs) or Child Protection Officers (CPOs). The group offers...
    Read more
  • Child Protection Community Group

    Child Protection Community Group

    The Online Child Protection Community Group is open for anyone in the AISA community interested in promoting and supporting child protection in their school. This is a place to...
    Read more

Child Protection Resources

AISA has a proud history of developing child protection resources that speak to the specific needs of international schools, in our region and beyond. These free resources will help your child protection team develop policies and programmes that strengthen the protective environment of your school.


New resources:

and others:

Child Protection Resources

Child Protection Strategic Partners

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)

AISA has partnered with ICMEC to empower our community with resources and training around child protection, health and wellbeing to create a safer world for children.
The ICMEC Global Educator Centre for Excellence and the International Task Force on Child Protection have joined forces to provide resources on how to prevent and respond to child abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation to ensure no child stands alone.

Click here to find out more about ICMEC

International Centre Response Team

AISA is a proud partner of the International Centre Response Team (ICRT) that has been established to assist member schools to deal with complex child protection concerns. The ICRT consists of global child protection experts and will provide confidential case considerations to help ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Contact Chanel Worsteling to find out how you can access this service.

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Child Protection Strategic Partners

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