Scholarships and Awards For Educators and School Leaders

AISA Educator Scholarships

We understand that the costs of event registration may sometimes prevent certain member schools from attending AISA learning events. Therefore, AISA is offering a range of professional scholarships that cover the full cost of registration. If the event is not virtual, the participants or their school will need to cover the travel, accommodation and all other associated costs.

Scholarships on offer

  1. Three scholarships to attend the AISA Conference
  2. Four scholarships to attend a Professional Learning Institute

Scholarship criteria

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Buffalo State (SUNY) Graduate Credit

Graduate Credit for AISA Professional Learning

Buffalo State University of New York (SUNY), offers the option of graduate credit for all AISA Conferences and Professional Learning Institutes (PLIs). The credits for professional development are regular graduate semester credits.

Deadlines for official acceptance, enrollment in an event and course work completion for each semester are May 1 for Spring Semester, Aug. 1 for Summer Semester, and Dec. 1 for the Fall Semester.

How many credits can I apply for?

Educators can obtain one, two or three graduate level conference credits (EDU 596) through Buffalo State when attending a professional educators’ conference or PLI. One credit includes 15 contact hours (and approximately 30 assignment hours), two credits include 30 contact hours (and approximately 60 assignment hours) and three credits include 45 contact hours (and approximately 90 assignment hours). “Contact hours” refers to your time spent doing conference-related learning activities. “Assignment hours” refers to the time spent on homework assignments in the course.
How to Apply for Credit

For each conference vetted as an approved conference by IGPE for graduate credit, there is a specific registration form. Forms can be obtained through the International Graduate Programs for Educators office. Students must apply and be accepted as a non-matriculating (non-degree-seeking) or as a degree-seeking, Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies student prior to registering for conference credit.

Your professor for this course will be Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers, an Associate Professor at Buffalo State and Interim Director for the International Graduate Programs for Educators. To ensure your success in completing your assignments, you are encouraged to reach out with your questions to Dr. Keller-Mathers prior to submitting your final work.

Email Dr. Keller-Mathers with your questions and/or to set up a meeting with her.

For more information on how to get credit for an AISA Conference

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Download Buffalo State University of New York (SUNY) Graduate Credit Application Form

Buffalo State (SUNY) Graduate Credit

AISA Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award publicly acknowledges and appreciates individuals or associates who have made an outstanding contribution to the AISA community. We show gratitude to those who, through the embodiment of AISA’s values, contribute to our mission of transforming student learning in international schools across Africa.

Each year AISA and our member schools are privileged to be backed by educators who give generously, selflessly and consistently to support AISA’s mission. This award, presented at the AISA Conference Gala Dinner, publicly celebrates the achievements and efforts of these individuals.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will include two categories:

A. Outstanding Contribution to Educational Leadership in the AISA Region

AISA bestows an annual award on the individual who, in the opinion of the Board, best represents the following:

  • Leadership for learning – creativity in successfully meeting the needs of students in international schools
  • Professionalism – ongoing commitment to improving administrative knowledge and skills, while providing professional learning opportunities and motivation to others
  • Outstanding Contribution to AISA – significant contributions to AISA as the leading international schools association in Africa.

B. Outstanding Contribution to an AISA Programme 

This award is aimed at an individual from an AISA member school who contributes their valuable time and expertise to the AISA region and the international education community at large, where they influence and encourage the professional learning of others.

It is offered to an individual who has demonstrably:

  • Made a considerable contribution to international education through research, publication, programme development or other activities related to AISA programmes in Africa.
  • Addressed issues of importance to international education in their work in the AISA region.
  • Influenced how international education professionals act and think about their work in the AISA region.

Nominations will be evaluated on the impact of the nominee’s work per AISA’s mission and values.

Process and Responsibilities

Nominations can be made online and must be sufficiently detailed for a decision to be arrived at without requests for further information.

Nominations will be evaluated by AISA personnel and forwarded to the AISA Board for final adjudication. Each Board member will have two votes to select the two recipients for the year.

You can click the button below during the nomination period to complete the application form. Reach out to the AISA team at if you need any clarification or assistance.

01 FEB Nominations open
15 APR Nominations close
01 MAY Nominations presented to the AISA Board for approval
20 MAY Recipients informed
OCT Awards presented at the AISA Conference (either in-person or virtually)




AISA Outstanding Contribution Award

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