Wellbeing for All

AISA recognises that schools play a vital role in promoting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of students. Students resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, and are promoted by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments – that is, our teachers. Which is why the wellbeing of our teachers and leaders is so important.

Mentally healthy and supported teachers are more collaborative, more creative, and more willing to take risks. They contribute positively to school climates and improve student experiences simply by harnessing their potential and strengths. Teacher wellbeing is integral to student wellbeing.

Which is why wellbeing, in the form of Wellbeing for All, is an important strategic initiative that was adopted by the Board well before COVID-19 overtook our world.

Wellbeing Learning Events

Our Wellbeing For All programme is a key strategic priority for AISA which is why we are committed to offering world-class professional development that will equip your school to implement initiatives that foster the wellbeing of your entire school community.

Supporting Educator Wellbeing

Following the success of our pilot last year, AISA is once again offering the AISA-NESLI Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit. This self-paced, low-cost programme enables educators to take a proactive approach to their own wellbeing, as well as supporting the wellbeing of their school community. With over 85% of AISA participants responding that they would recommend this programme to their colleagues, why not offer this to your most valuable asset, your teachers. Click here to find out more.

Supporting Student Wellbeing

Our Deep Dive programme provides educators and counsellors with opportunities to access specialised professional development that will build your knowledge, skills and resources to implement programmes and initiatives that support the wellbeing of your students. Deep Dive offerings in semester 1 include:

AISA Webinar Series

AISA’s webinars are a cost-free and convenient way for members to hear from leading experts from around the world, and within our own community, on child protection and wellbeing themes. Every other week, AISA hosts a webinar that gives our members access to the latest research and thinking on topics that are now more important than ever.

As an AISA member, you can register for these and other learning events. Click the button below to see all our upcoming learning events.
See AISA's Learning events
Wellbeing Learning Events

Wellbeing Community

School Head Consultation Groups

We know that as the Head of School, you carry the burden and responsibility for caring for every member of your community. This is why we think it’s so important that we offer a space that will support your health and wellbeing. In partnership with the Truman Group, AISA is again offering Consultation Groups for AISA member School Heads to receive care and peer support so that you can do your best work, especially during this challenging time. Apply NOW here

Wellbeing Online Discussion Group

Are you leading a wellbeing initiative in your school? Then we invite you to join the AISA Wellbeing Discussion Group and connect with other wellbeing leaders in the AISA community. This is a great place to connect, problem-solve, and share resources. Click the below button to join.

Wellbeing Community

Wellbeing Resources

AISA has a substantial range of wellbeing resources curated from some of the most respected experts in the field. These resources are easily searchable and downloadable to all AISA member schools’ leaders, educators, programme coordinators, and co-professionals responsible for their school’s wellbeing programme.


Browse our Health and Wellbeing Resources
Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing Support for Traumatic Events

Unfortunately, events occur within the locale of our schools that are outside of the schools’ control, but which can adversely affect our school communities. Traumatic events that may impact AISA schools can include terrorist attacks, coup d’etat, civil unrest, war, communicable disease outbreak, or natural disaster.

These events can cause significant disruption to a school’s operations which can have adverse consequences for the mental health and wellbeing of staff and the entire school community.
AISA can support schools through this time by offering assistance in the form of funds to have trained counsellors from the region travel to the school to provide direct services to children, staff, and parents. Additionally, AISA’s professional development program will include training on issues such as security, traumatic incident planning, and trauma recovery to equip schools in their planning for such an eventuality.

To find out how your school can access support via the AISA Traumatic Incident Fund, contact AISA’s Child Protection and Wellbeing Programme Manager, Chanel Worsteling, at



Wellbeing Support for Traumatic Events

Wellbeing Strategic Partners

National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI)

AISA is working closely with NESLI to provide high-quality professional learning opportunities for leadership teams working in AISA schools. The programmes provide school leaders with the skills, knowledge, frameworks, and confidence to thrive in the complex leadership challenges they face in today’s school environment. NESLI’s professional learning programmes also enable school leaders to benefit from rigorous and evidence-based research.

Click here to find out more about NESLI

Truman Group

The Truman Group has come on board to support the wellbeing and professional growth of AISA school heads, counsellors and child protection coordinators through online psychological counselling. The certified and highly experienced consultants at the Truman Group provide counselling on a broad range of issues, including anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, maintaining sobriety, relationship issues, life transitions, and anger and stress management. In addition, the Truman Group also has clinicians on staff who specialize in working with adolescents and children.

Click here to find out more about Truman Group

Global Education Advisors

AISA has for several years engaged the services of Dr Maria Hersey, the founder & CEO of the Global Education Advisors, to provide empowering professional learning opportunities for educators working in AISA schools. Some of the areas of expertise and professional development support provided by Dr Hersey include Global Competencies, International & Global-Mindedness, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Mindful Awareness as well as Teacher & Student Well-Being.

Click here to find out more about Global Education Advisors

Institute for Social and Emotional Learning

AISA is working together with IFSEL to empower educators, young people, and parents to transform their schools into caring, inclusive communities. The experiential learning provided by IFSEL enables educators to inspire young people to evolve into compassionate leaders and resilient learners, it helps educators reshape how they see themselves and develops their ability to build more humanity and empathy into their dynamic roles.

Click here to find out more about the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning
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Wellbeing Strategic Partners

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