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Tania Lattanzio is an author and renowned international educator. Previously a teacher, coordinator, and manager with the International Baccalaureate, she is now Director of Innovative Global Education. Innovative Global Education has been established for over 10 years and in this time, Tania has worked as an educational consultant globally, in both local and international educational settings. This role involves developing and conducting professional learning for teachers and leadership, modelling pedagogy in classrooms, and working intensively with teaching teams, through mentoring and coaching, to improve planning, teaching and assessment. A key focus of Tania's work is developing and designing conceptual curriculum for schools, this work involves conceptualising curriculum across subject areas and year levels. This also involves equipping teachers with ideas and strategies to ensure that learning has a conceptual focus. An advocate of inquiry, she works with educators to provide students with an education that is purposeful, meaningful, and relevant to their lives, where students have opportunities to be motivated and have agency and control of their learning. A passionate educator Tania works closely with educational institutions through supporting school reform, making significant shifts in pedagogy and developing conceptual curriculum frameworks in both local and international settings. Tania has worked with schools and teachers from early childhood through to high school. Another aspect of her role is the organization of professional learning events. This has involved bringing world class educators together for a series of workshops and/or a conference event. Tania believes in the importance of building relationships. No two schools are the same so tailoring professional learning to meet the specific needs of educators and schools is key to the success of her work. Tania has worked extensively in both online and face to face situations and will collaborate with you to organize professional learning that will best meet your educational setting and goals. M Ed (Curriculum and Administration), Grad Dip (Librarianship), Dip Ed   Published: Lattanzio, Tania and Muller, Andrea. Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts. Hawker Brownlow Education, 2015. Lattanzio, Tania, and Andrea Muller. “What Is a Concept? A Fresh Look at Teaching Factual Information.” Childhood Education, vol. 93, no. 5, Mar. 2017, pp. 410–419. Lattanzio, Tania. 'The parents' voice' in “Chapter 11 Parents on the Learning Journey.” Journeys in Learning Across Frontiers, Edited Nancy Forster, International Baccalaureate, 2012.

Learning Supported by Tania Latanzio

Parent Education

Developing Conceptual Curriculum (including Programmes of Inquiry) From Scope and Sequence Documents

Developing, Reviewing and Revising Conceptual Units of Learning

Planning with teams (focus on inquiry, concepts, assessment, agency) 

Providing Professional Learning Workshops/Webinars (inquiry, concept based curriculum, concept based teaching and learning, differentiation, assessment, agency, skill development and other areas for teachers from Early Years to Year 12)

Modelling Pedagogy in Classrooms

Observing and Providing Feedback to Teachers

Coaching and Mentoring





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    • When concepts are emphasised over content, there is no limit to the range of topics that students may investigate through a conceptual lens.
    • It is important to note that inquiry is not a linear step-by-step process, but rather a cluster of overlapping processes that can be utilised, combined and revisited as the inquiry takes shape.

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