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Outstanding Service Project Award

Forgotten about? – The Plight of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Project Goal was to;

  1.  Understand the life and hardships of special groups of people in communities 
  2. Develop a greater understanding and empathy towards vulnerable people   
  3.  Provide Mobility aides to children with cerebral palsy  
  4. Lobby for support in creating awareness about the plight of children with cerebral palsy  e) Enhance the capacity of Organisation working for disadvantaged persons 

Outstanding Service Project

This award is for a service learning project that may be run by an individual student or group of students whose project has a direct benefit to a community, as opposed to specific people or an individual. The project may address environmental issues, construct infrastructure that will benefit a community, involve the restoration of a community space or asset, or respond to a direct need in a community (eg. food, clothing, or book distribution). There are many types of projects that may fall into this category, so let your imagination run wild.   


  • A Grand Prize of US$5,000
  • Up to Three US$2,500 prizes

Prize money is awarded to the school to enable them to develop or grow a community service project.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Each AISA Full Member school is invited to nominate a project each year to be considered for this award.
  • Only one application per school per award, please select the best 
  • The deadline for submission of your school project nomination is March 1st
  • Award recipients will be confirmed at the AISA Board meeting in March
  • A plaque and a letter will be sent to the school head to be presented to the award recipient(s) at the school year-end ceremony.
2017/18 Winners
The Winners of the award in the 2017/2018 academic year shall be announced in the end of Year

2016/17 Winners

  • Forgotten about? – The Plight of Children with Cerebral Palsy - Lusaka International Community School 
  • Bobole Bats - American International School of Mozambique 
  • The Brightness Project - International School of Ouagadougou 

2015/16 Winners

  • Grand Prize Winner: Teen Girls Organization Career Fair - International School of Tanganyika (IST)
  • The Healing Arts (HeArts) - International School of Kenya (ISK)
  • Carts with Hearts - Lincoln Community School (LCS)
  • Long Live Education for Girls -  International School of Ouagadougou (ISO)

2014/15 Winners

  • Grand Prize Winner: Year 12 Kajiado Service Project,- Brookhouse
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal, American International School Mozambique
  • Under Construction Triple Partnership for School Improvement, International School Kenya
  • SheLearns, Khartoum International Community School

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