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AISA Award for Excellence

2017/18 Award Winners

Josephine Kabange, TASOK

Josephine excels academically as well as being a member of the Operation Smile Student Club.

Aayush Agrawal, Lincoln Community School

Asyush not only has a GPA of 6.8 but is a founding member of the service project Hustle to Oasis, winner of the AISA Service Project Award.

Jana Jovcheva, ISK

Jana is a truly outstanding student, undertaking 4 IB-HL subjects, as well as taking on a leadership role in MUN.

AISA Award for Excellence

AISA established the AISA Award for Excellence in 2008 as a way of recognising and rewarding the achievements of outstanding students in AISA member schools. The award is conferred to any student nominated by their school who can demonstrate high academic results and whose character exemplifies the association’s values. Each school is invited to submit one application for the award.

Nominations for this award are due no later than March 1st of each year with the AISA Board confirming the successful candidates at the March board meeting. Schools are then free to award recipients of the AISA Award for Excellence at end of year school celebrations.

AISA values are demonstrated by those who:

  • Promote a school environment that is characterized by a sense of hospitality and friendliness, collegiality and community among students and between students and staff.
  • Demonstrates by example the concept of service to the human family either within or outside the school environment.
  • Seeks to understand, appreciate and promote African cultures through service activities, participation in cultural events, or personal expression through African literature, languages, music, art or dance.
  • Embraces a world view which celebrates human unity and diversity. This trait could be demonstrated through service activities, or student activities, cultural events, membership in clubs or organizations within or outside of school, academic projects, or any form of artistic expression.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Each AISA Full Member school is invited to nominate one student each year to be considered for this award.
  • The deadline for submission of your school nominee is Match 1st
  • Award recipients will be confirmed by the AISA Board 
  • A plaque and a letter will be sent to the school head to be presented to the award recipient at the school year-end ceremony.

2017/18 Winners

The Winners of the award in the 2017/2018 academic year are:

  • Omnia Alzain, Khartoum American School
  • Amanda Awoenam Bosso, Ghana International School
  • Emma Olson, American International School Lusaka
  • Josephine Kabange, The American School of Kinshasa
  • Abdelwahab  Nasreldin Babiker, Khartoum International Community School
  • Aayush Agrawal, Lincoln Community School – Ghana
  • Evelyn Manyatta, International School Moshi
  • Jana Jovcheva, International School of Kenya
  • Yomni Makonnen Makonnen, International School of Uganda
  • Zara Franceschi, International School of Tanganyika
  • Lorena Edah, International School of Ouagadougou
  • Daniel Hodeta, International Community School of Addis Ababa

2016/17 Winners

Winners of the award in the 2016/2017 academic year are:

  • Stella Njoroge, International School of Kenya
  • Fawzia Mohamed Omer, Khartoum American School
  • Bianca Darkoa, Amoabeng Ghana International School
  • Sarah Khaki, International School Moshi
  • Bilngwe Ngwakum Akisa, American International School of Lusaka
  • Benjamin Hotchner-Blaser, International School of Tanganyika
  • Hulda Abudo, American International School of Mozambique
  • Chumani Mokoena, American International School of Johannesburg
  • Paolo Nasr, Lincoln Community School
  • Jorgo Tesfa, International Community School of Addis Ababa
  • Takudzwa Marwendo, Harare International School

2015/16 Winners

Winners of the award in the 2015/2016 academic year are:

  • Alexander Alverson, International School of Kenya (ISK)
  • Eve Coulibaly, International School of Ouagadougou (ISO)
  • Caio Silveira da Rocha, American International School of Mozambique (AISM)
  • Dominique Cottrell, American International School of Lusaka (AISL)
  • Nada Motasim Daoud, Khartoum International Community School (KICS)
  • Revogatus Tesha, International School of Moshi (ISM)
  • Nardos Ayana Kebede, International Community School of Addis Ababa (ICS, Addis)
  • Rubeena Zaveri, Harare International School (HIS)
  • Brianna Boadi, Ghana International School (GIS)
  • Jisoo Shin, International Community School of Abidjan (ICS Abidjan)

2014/15 Winners

Winners of the award in the 2014/2015 academic year are:

  • Charles Chansa, American International School Lusaka
  • Michaela Sorensen, American International School Mozambique
  • Komal Mudher, International School Moshi
  • Elizabeth Gibbs, International School of Ouagadougou
  • Andrew Teye, Lincoln Community School

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