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Adult and student safety and wellbeing is a critical foundation for learning. AISA believes that all students and staff, regardless of age, special needs, gender, race, culture, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or family circumstance have an equal right to protection from all types of harm or abuse. We are committed to helping member schools embrace diversity and inclusion and create communities where all are safe, nurtured, respected, accepted and protected.

AISA’s DEIJ programme is a vital component of our Wellbeing for ALL goal, for if we are serious about promoting the wellbeing for all, it is incumbent upon us to work toward eradicating inequality, injustice, and exclusion in international schools in Africa. We are steadfast in our commitment to supporting the staff and students in member schools as they co-create new systems and structures that promote the belonging and thriving of all.



“Pathways to Transformation – A Guide to Unlocking the Power and Potential of International Schools Grounded in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging” is a comprehensive DEIJ  Guide for educators and administrators who are committed to creating inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students. The guide is a product of AISA’s “Wellbeing for All” programme, which seeks to enhance the effectiveness of member schools in supporting and embodying diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) and mental health for all educators and students, promoting a sense of belonging.

AISA is grateful to each contributor whose unique and valued contribution has created this important resource. Our hope is that this guide will assist you and your school on your journey to becoming more culturally aware, embracing of diversity, equity focused, inclusively minded, and justice seeking both personally and in your work as educators and leaders.

We also acknowledge that we too are continuing to learn and grow. Thus, this guide will continue to develop over time as additional resources, tools and case studies are developed. Therefore, we invite you to add your comments, share your stories and your Radical Dream for international schools that are grounded in diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging.


DEIJ Learning Events

AISA provides various learning events and webinars focused on diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice that are only available for AISA members.

To find a DEIJ learning event, simply look for the DEIJ symbol that indicates that the webinar or learning event is DEIJ focused.

If you missed any of our previous DEIJ webinars, you can find these on our Learning Channel.

Click the button below to view all our scheduled events.

DEIJ Learning Events

DEIJ Community

Join AISA’s DEIJ Community

The purpose of an AISA Affinity Group is to provide an online safe space for AISA members that share a commonality or identity. The purpose of affinity groups is to foster a sense of connection and belonging, where people can come together to share experiences, challenges, and ideas. Affinity Groups should be a place of acceptance, where members feel supported by a nurturing environment of mutual care and respect.

Membership of AISA Affinity Groups is open to any member of staff at an AISA member school.

AISA affinity groups include:

  • BIPOC Educators facilitated by Constance Collins (ISU)
  • LGBTQ+ Educators facilitated by Graham Carlini Watts (AISA)
  • Women in Leadership facilitated by Nneka Johnson (CIS) & Tiwana Merritt (AISJ)
  • The DEIJ Collaborative facilitated by Peter Bateman (AISA), Shelly Maldanado (ISK), Matthew Steuer (ISU) & Joel Llaban (ISS)
DEIJ Community

DEIJ Resources

As a new AISA Programme, we are in the process of building a range of diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice resources collected from some of the most respected experts in the field.

If you have some resources to share or have come across some outstanding exemplars, we welcome your contribution to our growing online knowledge hub.

View Resources for Students
View Resources for Schools
View Resources for Educators
DEIJ Resources

DEIJ Strategic Partners

ISS Diversity Collaborative

AISA has joined the Diversity Collaborative, a global community of like-minded educational professionals committed to creating and sustaining a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just international school community through its focus on leadership.

The Diversity Collaborative conducts research on the leadership pipeline and recruitment practices, provides leadership development, and advocates for international school communities to critically reflect on diversity or the lack thereof, develop equity-minded stakeholders, promote inclusive environments and serve as social justice activist.

AISA Associates

AISA Learning Partners are trusted consultants who are world class leaders in their areas of expertise. Listed on our website are consultants that we, or our member schools, would recommend to support your school improvement plans.

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DEIJ Strategic Partners

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