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AISA has a full and vibrant programme planned for our members this semester. Please visit our website for full details of our Professional Learning Programme. A reminder that you can also join one of our dynamic and informative Communities of Practice and share questions, information and resources with those who do a similar job to you in other AISA schools.

Wellbeing for All at AISA

AISA’s Wellbeing for All programme was developed to assist member schools in their ongoing commitment and development of thriving communities that support the academic, social and emotional learning of ALL members in an equitable, meaningful and sustainable way.
This semester, we have a number of offerings for the AISA community which are designed to support educators and young people’s mental health, learning engagement and overall wellbeing. We’ve created new ways to connect, via our Affinity Groups and learning options such as Workshops and Webinars and Professional Learning Institutes. Whatever your level of interest, we’ve got you covered.

Child Protection Training

As educators, we play a key role in protecting children from harm at school, in the community and online. AISA has developed a 5-part child protection training for school child protection teams to explore the role they can play in strengthening the safety of children in these domains and how proactive efforts can prevent abuse. This series is designed to take child protection teams to a deeper understanding and skills to help strengthen your school’s child protection system in:

  1. Responding to Child Protection Concerns
  2. Responding to concerns regarding adults
  3. Peer on peer abuse
  4. Online Safety
  5. Student voice

Look out for more information on this learning opportunity.

Student Wellbeing and Support

NEW partnership with ISCA
AISA is delighted to announce a new partnership with the International School Counsellors Association (ISCA) which provides our schools discounted membership rates that gives access to affordable online PD. We are promoting two ISCA opportunities which we hope to be able to form AISA cohorts:

Online Staff Wellbeing Toolkit
The AISA-NESLI online staff wellbeing toolkit is a simple and easy way your school can provide wellbeing support to your staff community. To find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity see our website here.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Have you connected with an AISA Affinity Group? Affinity Groups are just one way to connect with like members of the AISA community. Currently, our groups include Women in Leadership, BIPOC Educators, DEIJ Collaborators and LGBTQ+. Joining is simple, just jump online here.

We are also working hard to develop some DEIJ Policy templates which we hope to have available to share in the New Year. If your school has developed plans or policies you would like to share with the AISA community, we’d be keen to see them, so please send them our way.

Our webinar series features a range of issues related to our Wellbeing for All programme, for instance, don’t miss; Advancing Social Justice Through the Transformation of International Schools on 26th January. To see this and our full webinar programme, visit the AISA Website.


The virtual 2022 AISA Global Issues Service Summit (AISA-GISS) will be hosted by the American International School of Cape Town (AISCT) on February 3rd and 4th. This learning event is aimed at advancing the promise of equality, justice, and dignity throughout Africa. The theme for the 2022 summit is Ukutsiba Phambili, a Xhosa phrase for “leaping forward”, which is particularly pertinent during this time of recovery from the pandemic. We welcome students from across the continent to lead sessions and/or highlight any service projects they have been working on in their local communities!

Looking for Something Else?

At AISA, we want to make every effort to provide you and your school with the support that’s right for you. If you have a need or some ideas on how AISA can support the Professional Learning and Wellbeing of All your community, please reach out to us at

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