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e-Time: AISA Webinar Series

AISA is pleased to be introducing a webinar series, e-Time – a play on the theme of ‘me’ time and ‘e’ (electronically) enabled learning time. These webinars will cover a range of topics aimed at providing AISA educators with current thinking and best practice in international education. It is also designed to provide another platform to help our community better connect and engage with each other. 

Webinars will take the format of an interview with a subject matter expert and will provide you with the opportunity to ask any relevant questions from the comfort of your staffroom or classroom.

e Time will take place on the last Wednesday of the Month at the following times:

  • GMT    16:00
  • WAT    17:00
  • CAT     18:00
  • EAT     19:00

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Dates in 2019 Topic  Description Facilitator and Guest(s)
Wednesday 25th Sept. 2019 

Learning Together: Building Collaborative Partnerships Across Schools Without Walls

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Isolation is a challenge for many international schools, but what if we could build collaborative partnerships that foster dialogue and open classrooms doors for personalized professional development?

Nick Janna, ICS Addis Ababa

Ryan Hopkins-Wilcox, IS Kenya

Wednesday 16th Oct. 2019

Expanding Educational Opportunities with Accredited Virtual School Courses

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Schools are under increasing pressure to offer the widest possible range of courses to satisfy the needs of parents and students. Recruiting and retaining highly-qualified teaching staff is challenging, particularly in specialized subjects and curricula. The option of Virtual School Courses with qualified teachers online offers a solution to this problem, but comes with specific challenges. This webinar will explore the developing market for Virtual School Courses and present a range of implementation models from different schools around the world. 

Graham Watts, AISA

Gavin McLean, Edmentum International

Wednesday 30th Oct. 2019

Caring for Students Experiencing Distress

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The rise of young people experiencing mental health issues has been well documented. Ask any teacher or school counsellor and they will attest to the growing number of students struggling with emotional regulation issues such as depression and anxiety. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that worldwide, 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders, with half of all mental health illnesses beginning by the age of 14. If untreated, these conditions severely influence children’s development, their educational attainment and potential to live fulfilling and productive lives (WHO, 2018).

In this webinar, AISA chats with Sean about how schools can provide effective support for students struggling with their mental health and what schools can do to help students develop mindsets and resiliency to promote positive well-being.

Nick Janna, ICS Addis Ababa

Chanel Worsteling, AISA

Sean Truman, Truman Group

Wednesday 13th Nov. 2019

The Hiring Trends you can't Afford to Ignore in 2020

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At a time when hiring international educators is more competitive than ever, going the extra mile to understand how to reach and attract quality teachers is no longer optional - it’s vital. To find out what truly makes teaching candidates tick, Teach Away surveyed our extensive online community of job-seeking educators. Featuring data-driven insights and advice from international education recruitment experts, this webinar covers everything schools need to know about hiring teachers internationally, including what drives candidates to teach abroad, their key motivations and frustrations when looking for employment, and where they go to research and search for new jobs.

Graham Watts, AISA

Sara Carter, Teach Away

Lead an AISA Webinar

We are always keen to hear from AISA Educators, Leaders and Associates who want to take part in the webinar series. If you have a topic you want to share and you are a passionate presenter who can discuss the issue and answer questions from participants, then we want to hear from you!

Our webinars follow an interview format, so you will asked to explain the big issues in your topic, offer advice and engage with your audience. You can apply to be part of one of our webinars via the online form.

e-Time Library

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