Pillars of Wellness

These are introductory sessions to wellbeing, enabling individuals to take the lead on maintaining good mental health practices.
  • Professional Learning Institutes
  • All English-speaking faculty or staff
  • Virtual
  • 2:00 pm (GMT +0:00) - 4:30 pm (GMT +0:00)
  • 14 March 2023 - 4 April 2023


The overall aim of the course is to understand how to maintain good health so that when life challenges arise, we have the tools available to us manage them effectively.

The Pillars of Wellness is a series of educational workshops to help individuals remain productive and motivated both at work and at home. This is an introduction to wellbeing enabling individuals to take the lead on maintaining good mental health practices. The Pillars of Wellness are:

  1. Understanding how the brain works create negative emotional states affecting the body and ability to deal with stressors. Learn to develop essential neurotransmitters to restore balance and create a desirable state of mind.
  2. Learn how habits are created and how to break away from existing patterns of negative thoughts/emotions using neuroplasticity to bring change, courage, and hope every day.
  3. Understanding the link between what we eat, physical health, and mental health. The contribution of movement to psychological well-being and strategies to improve this is explored.
  4. Understanding the importance of sleep for the mind and body. Develop strategies to improve sleep. Each Pillar includes information, activities, practical advice, and worksheets for personal reflection. It consists of 20 minutes of guided meditation

By attending this session, delegates can expect to:

  • recognise personal stress cues and how to appropriately manage these
  • be able to manage emotions better
  • improve over wellbeing
  • have a better understanding of how to create behaviour change
  • make informed choices about food and understand the impact of food on mental health
  • improve sleep habits to support overall physical, emotional and psychological function

Target Audience: All English-speaking faculty or staff

1 Tue. 14 Mar. 2023 14:00 – 16:30 Understanding the impact of poor mental health
2 Tue. 21 Mar. 2023 14:00 – 16:30 The development of habits and how to successfully create change in behaviour and thoughts
3 Tue. 28 Mar. 2023 14:00 – 16:30 Understanding the gut microbiome and how it links to mental wellness
4 Tue. 04 Apr. 2023 14:00 – 16:30 The role of sleep in overall wellbeing and the strategies to improve it


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  • Asha Berzon
    Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Asha is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with several years of experience working with anxiety and burnout.

    Before this, she worked in the criminal justice field for nearly two decades, specialising in working with safeguarding, domestic abuse and trauma. Her journey with hypnotherapy began after she had experienced work-related stress. After trying and not finding CBT helpful, she decided to try hypnotherapy. During therapy, Asha began to understand the relationship between the mind and body.

    Since qualifying, Asha has worked with businesses to educate staff on their mental health. In addition, she has written and facilitated many training courses helping individuals to understand the mind, the impact of stress on the body (plus more) and how we can effectively improve our mental health through daily actions.

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