AISA School Counsellor’s Pre-Conference

This PLI will explore how self-acceptance and knowing can play a significant role in creating inclusive communities of belonging and the role counsellors can play in aiding this process.
  • Conference Events
  • AISA School Counsellor's
  • The Tribe Hotel
  • US$150
  • 9:00 am (GMT +0:00) - 4:30 pm (GMT +0:00)
  • 5 October 2023 - 5 October 2023
  • ProgrammesWellbeing for AllDEIJ


“True belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” Brene Brown.

The aim of the AISA Counsellors PLI is to explore the themes of identity, connection and belonging which are essential aspects of wellbeing. We thrive on relationships with others and our sense of belonging is crucial to our emotional and mental health. So our first task is to accept ourselves as we are which requires some deliberate reflection on who we are.

This day long pre-conference will have 3 core objectives:

  1. To practice self-awareness and self-acceptance: We will begin the day by exploring who we are by understanding our identity via our positionality in the world. Positionality can play a significant role in building connections with others whereby sharing aspects of our identity with others helps create a sense of belonging. It can also help us understand and empathize with people who have different backgrounds or experiences, which can foster greater understanding and connection.
  2. To develop ideas and knowledge from fellow elementary, middle, secondary or whole-school counsellors about how best to support and nurture an inclusive student body where every student experiences a sense of belonging.
  3. To foster a peer community amongst AISA school counsellors that will function as a network of support, encouragement and share resources.


  • Dr Alyssa Clayden
    Truman Group

    Dr. Alyssa Clayden has been living, working and raising a family in international environments for over 20 years. As a therapist with Truman Group, Alyssa works as an expert in child and adolescent mental health, specialising in LGBTQIA+ and multiracial identities. Alyssa is passionate about bringing youth, families and school staff together to build support for young people in all environments. Her academic research seeks to understand the ways that our identities and our language can be leveraged to improve child and adolescent mental health, and what support looks like when we are intentional in our work. Alyssa believes that, only when we take time to honestly know ourselves and our our ways of thinking, can we work collectively to support the healthy development of each individual student and family, and our community at large.

  • Chanel Worsteling
    Association of International Schools in Africa
    Wellbeing for All Programme Coordinator

    Presently, Chanel spearheads AISA’s comprehensive Wellbeing for All Programme, a role that involves bolstering AISA’s child protection, wellbeing, and DEIJ endeavors by creating valuable resources, conducting training sessions and webinars, and guiding a Practice Group for member schools. Additionally, Chanel is also a Regional Educational Trainer in Child Protection for ICMEC. In addition to her role with AISA, Chanel operates her own private psychotherapy practice, Courageous Being. 

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