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Educators as Change Makers

  • 25 January 2019
  • 08:00
  • 26 January 2019
  • 16:00
  • Dar es Salaam International Academy


The Educators as Change Makers Professional Learning Institute (PLI) aims at various topics that are top of mind in the educational sphere at the moment. This includes the merging of virtual and physical environments, how to become a more inclusive school, promoting global citizenship and open mindedness in your school community, as well as becoming more active members of society in your host country. The value of this PLI is to not only share and gain knowledge from others, but also to be able to take back practical ways to implement at school.

KEY AUDIENCE: Primary and Secondary School Teachers

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The institute aims to share knowledge and ideas about innovative practices in the 21st century. Learners attending this institute can expect the following:
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • To create more innovative learning spaces
  • A better understanding of international mindedness and global citizenship
  • To understand inclusion in the classroom
Delegates will have the option to attend and participate in the following different sessions:
  1. In pursuit of International Mindedness and global citizens in an African Context
  2. Holistic perspectives of art integration in the classroom
  3. Integration vs Inclusion
  4. Meaningful Math Learning
  5. Inspiring for Change (Service Learning)
  6. Experimenting with physical and digital learning spaces
  7. Fostering Respectful Discipline in the Classroom
  8. Modelling Best Practice - Being my own best student
  9. Tech Integration in a 21st Century Learning Environment
  10. Designing & Using Feedback in the Inquiry Based Classroom to support student learning outcomes.


Natasha Haque is currently the IBMYP coordinator at Dar es Salaam International Academy. She qualified as a Humanities teacher in the UK in 2000 and has spent the last 18 years teaching in Tanzania, the UAE, Bahrain and the UK across both British and IB curriculum schools. She is a passionate teacher who has completed an MEd and earned an IB Advanced Certificate in teaching and learning for research work done on Service Learning. She also holds an Msc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and BA (Hons) Geography degree from the London School of Economics. Natasha’s areas of interest include international mindedness and assessment for learning. Natasha loves travelling, reading and occasionally writing. Her perspective on education continues to evolve with her experiences as a teacher and student but also with her experiences as a parent. Natasha is mother to three lively boys aged 8, 10 and 12 from whom she learns more and more everyday.

Fawzya Hirji is the IB Primary Years coordinator at Dar es Salaam International Academy. She has been involved in education since 1997 between Canada and Tanzania and watched education transform and evolve from teacher directed to student-centered learning. With a range of experience from early childhood to elementary school in both private and public school systems, she is motivated to explore methods for effective teaching and learning practices in the field of Education.

Unoma Ashibuogwu is currently the Head of Student services in Primary at DIA. She has a B.A. in English/Arts and began her teaching career as an assistant teacher before working in finance for 10 years. She returned to teaching in 2011 and has worked in the Early Years Foundation Stage as an Art teacher and as a class teacher for grades 1 to 4 in Primary schools in Nigeria, Egypt, and Tanzania. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a Montessori certificate in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Special and Inclusive Education. Unoma is very patient and enjoys sharing the new knowledge she has acquired, she believes there is something new to be learned every day. Unoma is passionate about learning and Africa and would like to see the quality of education improve across the continent in the near future. Unoma enjoys singing, dancing, reading, traveling and shopping in her spare time.

Nadine Boribon is an international school teacher since 2001. She has been with DIA since 2013 with class and pedagogical leadership responsibilities. Her passion is everything linked to Education and Math is just a small fraction of that passion. Nadine is especially interested in using various strategies to engage students in in education and draw out their passion for learning.

Fazila Hameer has worked with students with diverse needs in First and Fourth grades. Her Fourth Grade classroom was very math focused, exposing her students to a range of strategies. Fazila is dedicated to making math more meaningful to students so that they make connections to the real world. The experiences in her classroom have made her even more interested to teach Math to Upper Primary.

Ismat Dewji Sheriff teaches Individuals and Societies, and Language and Literature, to Grades 6-9 at DIA. She is also the Service and Action Champion at Secondary and a Grade Leader. Ismat has a B.A. in Scientific and Philosophical approaches to the study of the Mind (SPM) from Franklin and Marshall College, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham in England, and has completed the Teaching and Learning in the IB certification from the University of Bethel in the US. Ismat worked with CARE International in Tanzania for five years advocating for equitable access to quality health services for women and children, specifically focusing on maternal and newborn health. The element that ignites change however is education and thus her move into the world of teaching when her two children joined primary school. Ismat enjoys students exploring their potential for bringing about change and believes in "small people doing big things". Passionately African, she envisions an Africa that engages with the world on its own terms. She believes this vision will only be a reality through good quality education that allows the continent the space to think and innovate.

Shwetangna Chakrabarty is the IBDP coordinator at Dar es Salaam International Academy, Tanzania. She has over 12 years of experience in teaching 3 different curricula in 3 different countries; IGCSE/IBDP/IBMYP Mathematics and IBDP Business Management. She has successfully handled multiple responsibility positions; DP coordinator and pedagogical leader, MYP personal project coordinator and CIS/NEASC accreditation coordinator. Apart from having a Degree in Education and an MBA, she is also a certified college counsellor certified by TripleA learning, UK. She loves to travel, sketches her experiences in her paintings and avidly writes blogs on LinkedIn. As the DP Coordinator, her priority is to maximise student achievement and guide them to the University of their choice. Challenges Saviona Furtado

motivate her, she has conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro, she loves deep sea diving and looks forward to such adventures in future. Presenting and sharing progressive ideas at global conferences is her passion.

Saviona Furtado fell into the world of education by chance but was quick to realize that she had a passion for it. She has been teaching for 9 years and is an advocate for learning through inquiry. She especially appreciates the philosophy that is behind the IB program as it empowers the child. She is a mother of 3 very different children, with a background in Psychology. Saviona is constantly reflecting on her teaching and parenting style.

Keiko Henke: After spending most of her early twenties travelling and studying across the globe, Keiko finally decided to go for it and get her teaching certification. Having grown up in her home country of the Netherlands as well as in Nepal and Cambodia, and having been through both the MYP and DP programs, she always knew that international teaching within the IB curriculum was where she’d feel most comfortable. After getting her qualification, Keiko worked in Shanghai as an IBDP Language B English teacher, acted as an Extended Essay supervisor and helped to lead many cultural- and sports activities in the school. She is currently teaching IB DP and MYP Language A: Language and Literature, acts as the grade 10 leader and coordinates the Personal Project at DIA. She is actively involved in many aspects of school life and especially enjoys promoting sports, literature and theatre in the school. Being part of this student-centered, inquiry approach of the IB is what keeps Keiko motivated to be the eternal IB Learner and lead the bright minds in her class every day.

Guvinder Jaswant: Although Gurvinder did not start out as a teacher, beginning his journey in the computer industry instead, he always had a passion for teaching others. In the 13 years as an IB educator, he has found the perfect outlet for his interest in computers, digital design, mathematics, and teaching. He particularly enjoys project-based learning and leading students to learn through inquiry, letting them experience for themselves the joy of discovery. He is keenly interested in the fields of technology integration in education and assessment. He is currently the assessed curriculum pedagogical leader. Gurvinder is constantly looking for ways to enhance learning and assessing through technology.

Fatema Chandoo is a teacher a 4th Grade teacher at DIA. She has a background in early childhood and adult education, has studied psychology and has a masters in Education in teaching and learning. She is motivated by positive and collaborative interactions with teachers and has a keen interest in working with students on how to improve their learning outcomes. She believes in engaging meaningfully in all facets of education.

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