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ConneXions - A Guide for Contributors

Please note that, from March 2020, AISA will be distributing ConneXions via a monthly emailer and will no longer be providing printed copies and PDF versions. Please refer to the following link for any news updates and articles: or email for any queries.


ConneXions is the Association for International School’s in Africa’s (AISA) semi-annual newsletter. The overarching theme of the newsletter is, ‘Making the Connection’.

It is produced in both hard and soft copy and distributed via email to our extensive mail list, posted on the AISA web site and physically distributed to all AISA members.

The aim of ConneXions is to promote AISA as a thought leader on international education, to publicize the many learning opportunities, services and programmes offered by AISA, to connect our members with international education news and to highlight services and offerings from AISA Associates.

ConneXions: A word about our content and audience

Each edition of AISA's ConneXions newsletter contains the following:
  • Connect with AISA’s Executive Director – an update from the AISA Executive Director
  • AISA ConneXions – AISA news that may include event and programme updates as well as learning opportunities offered by AISA.
  • Learning ConneXions – Feature articles from international education leaders
  • Associate ConneXions – Feature articles from Associate members as well as offerings for AISA member schools

Guidelines for Contributors to Connexions

Articles may be in the form of:

  • Informational articles which introduce readers to a new framework, concept or research
  • Interviews
  • In-depth articles on a specific topic

Submitting an Article: Format and Style Guidelines


  • Articles to be submitted in Word (not .pdf)
  • Spelling: should be set to UK English (not American)
  • Article: The length of the article can be from 500 to 1,000 words and should cover a single topic and in enough depth that new or interesting information is provided. 
  • Headings: Give your article a title heading and use sub-headings and pull out text to break up your article and keep it focused.
  • Author Caption: Describe yourself in 40 - 100 words and add a good quality .jpeg of yourself.
  • For further Information: Do you want to include a link to your web site, LinkedIn profile, email address (not compulsory) or reference a book for further information?
  • Photo: Include at least one photo to go with your article. The photo(s) should be related to the article and be captioned so as to provide context to the photo. If photos include children, please check with your school Child Protection Policy before submitting the photo.


  • ConneXions is a newsletter, not an academic journal, thus the tone of articles should be accessible and friendly/not too formal.
  • Omit needless words. Before submitting your article, carefully proof read your article, preferably out loud, and delete/edit anything unnecessary.
  • Articles should have an introduction, several sections (with sub-headings) and a conclusion.
  • Acronyms should be defined.
  • Stories and anecdotes are perfectly acceptable, but make sure you have permission to relate them (if they are not about you) and that they relate to the point you are making.


In 2019/20 the Autumn edition of ConneXions will be distributed in September to the AISA Members and in November at the AISA 2019 Conference. The Spring edition will be distributed at the AISA Invitational Conference in March 2020. Submission deadlines are:

Autumn Edition: 30th July 2020

Spring Edition: 30th November 2020

Please complete your submission here 

Always submit the best possible work that you can. Your article will have your name on it and is sent to a wide and varied audience. We want to ensure that your article is a true representation of your thoughts, expertise and leadership credentials, so take due care with your submission.

Please note that AISA receives many submissions and thus may not be able to publish articles that require significant English or technical edits.


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