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AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking, and the wellbeing of the entire AISA community of schools.

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Event details below may change due to Corona Virus. Please visit the AISA events page regularly for the latest information.

    • 01 October 2019
    • 29 May 2020
    • Online

    Professional Learning Opportunities for Teaching Assistants/Instructional Assistants (TA’s/IA’s) 2019-20

    The role of the Teaching Assistant or Instructional Assistant is seen as a core component in personalizing learning, providing social and emotional support and collaborating with the teacher to maximize the learning potential of every student. The professional learning needs of TA’s and IA’s are diverse. Some want to work towards accredited teacher status with an internationally recognised qualification, others choose to further develop their expertise for the role they are in. Either way, professional learning for this key group is as important as that of classroom teachers.

    Below are some professional learning options for your consideration for the new school year. If you are interested in the second option, please contact Graham Watts  for further details. And remember AISA hosts regular webinars for TA’s and IA’s to discuss ideas and share good practice.

    COBIS Diploma for International Teaching Assistants (DITA)

    Combining the expertise of the Council of British International Schools with the Teaching Assistant College, this distance learning diploma offers maximum flexibility and deep learning on a course designed specifically for international schools. The course is 6 months long and should take approximately 70-92 learning hours to complete. This is a combination of eLearning, reading, collecting evidence and writing assignments. Enrolments take place throughout the year.

    The course contains 6 units made up of 5 mandatory units and 1 optional unit.

    • Unit 1: Working as an Effective TA in an International Setting
    • Unit 2: Assessment for Learning
    • Unit 3: Safeguarding
    • Unit 4: Supporting Children with English as an Additional Language
    • Unit 5: Providing Literacy and Numeracy Support


    • Unit 6: Supervising Whole Class Learning
    • Unit 7: Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs
    • Unit 8: Support Children to Reach their Potential

    UKP £650 (US$ 800) with discounts available for multiple bookings from one school


    TEACH-NOW: Online Teacher Certification Programme

    “The TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education is a nationally (USA) accredited educator programme that offers a traditional teacher preparation instructional model in an innovative online digital interactive platform”

    This teacher certification track is a nine month intensive programme that incorporates competencies in all of the fundamentals of educational pedagogy and includes a comprehensive 12 week school-based teaching practicum. TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education operates out of the District of Columbia and its programme leads to licensure via the DC Office of the State of Superintendent of Education(OSSE), which is recognized over the world.

    TEACH-NOW is recognized as an approved educational institution by the US Department of Education and holds national accreditation via the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). DEAC is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation(CHEA) that oversees higher learning institutions and accrediting associations in the United States and international locations.

    It is strongly advised that the graduate qualifications of those thinking of applying are checked before registering for this course as not all Bachelor degrees are accepted as teacher credentials. Graduate qualifications taken outside of the United States should be evaluated by an agency that is a member of NACES or AICES prior to registration with TEACH NOW.

    Teacher Preparation Certificate Programme

    The goal for the programme is to equip, enable, and empower teachers to diagnose any learning environment and ensure that every student learns, develops, and grows. Candidates who complete the programme will be able to design and create innovative and effective instruction to enable every student to achieve success. They will embrace the changing role of a teacher from a dispenser of knowledge to a manager, coach, leader, and facilitator of learning. Candidates will be able to select and use next-generation tools and technology for teaching and learning to create an active, collaborative learning model for their students and effectively manage the learning environment in which formal education occurs.


    • Module 1: Course Introduction – 1 credit course
      This course is an introduction course to TEACH-NOW’s program offerings.
    • Module 2: The Culture of Schooling – 3 credit course
      This course covers competencies in foundations of education and teaching exceptional learners.
    • Module 3: The Learner and Learning in a Digital Age – 3 credit hours
      This course is focused on human growth and development and educational technology.
    • Module 4: Managing the Learning Environment – 3 credit hours
      This course focuses on classroom management and teaching exceptional learners.
    • Module 5: Student Assessments – 2 credit hours
      This course focuses on assessment and teaching exceptional learners.
    • Module 6: Planning and Preparation for Learning – 2 credit hours
      This course focuses on instruction, curriculum planning and teaching exceptional learners.
    • Module 7: Introduction to Clinical Practice – 1 credit hour
      This course is a preparation for student teaching and the clinical practice experience.
    • Module 8: Teacher Practice and Proficiency – 8 credit hours
      This course is the clinical practice at a school that provides supervised teaching experiences.


    AISA has negotiated a 10% discount on the usual fee if we can secure eight registrations, enough to form an AISA cohort. This cohort will begin in early September 2019 and will work together with TEACH-NOW through-out the year. Participants will need to arrange the completion of the school-based practice at their own school.

    In partnership with TEACH-NOW, AISA can offer this program at $5,400 if AISA refers 8 candidates or more. 

    The District of Columbia allows non US-Citizens to obtain their teaching license without SSN or Tax ID through the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education(OSSE). This is not the case with all teacher preparation courses.

    Register Now 

    Contact: Graham Watts, AISA Director of Professional Learning.

    • 24 September 2020
    • 08:30 (UTC+02:00)
    • 26 September 2020
    • 16:00 (UTC+02:00)
    • American International School of Lusaka

    The AISA Librarian’s Conference, now in its fourth year, offers international school librarians from across Africa the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. 


    KEY AUDIENCE: Librarians (EC-12) and Library Assistants

    This learning event has been postponed from 26 - 28 MARCH 2020 to 24 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2020

    We aim to offer a conference pre-session with Follett on Thursday 26 March, followed by two days of librarian-led sessions along with interactive learning experiences. Participants will leave the conference with actionable ideas, a wealth of new resources, and a network of colleagues. 

    The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for international school librarians to connect with and learn from each other, thus raising the bar for the quality of librarianship on the continent.

     As a result of attending this institute, the participants can expect to:

    • Developing collaborative relationships
    • Sharing future ready best practices
    • Exploring new technologies to enhance curricular support

    This event is kindly sponsored by AISA member, EBSCO. Due to this generous sponsorship this event is free for AISA member-schools. Free places are limited to two people per school. This event is not open to non-members.
    AISA is very grateful to EBSCO for their partnership.

    Cancellation Date: 2nd February 2020



    • Any Registrant that cancels before AISA issues an invoice can do so with no penalty.
    • Any cancellation received in writing 31 days before the event commences is eligible for a refund, less a US$25 administration fee.
    • Because of costs that AISA incurs, registration fees will not be refunded if notification of a cancellation is received after this date.
    • Refunds may be granted beyond this date if an attendee is unable to attend the conference due to a family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance. In such a circumstance, the AISA Executive Director must be contacted in advance of the conference by e-mail Refunds will be subject to the US$25 administration fee.
    • All cancellations must be in writing. No refunds will be given to no-shows. Some programme topics and speakers may be subject to change without notice.
    • If AISA should need to cancel an event or shift its date, all paid registrants are eligible to receive a full refund of their registration fees. AISA members may choose to have their refund credited to their AISA account. All refunds will be processed within 90 days.
    • AISA is not responsible for any airfare, hotel, or other costs incurred by registrants. AISA strongly advises registrants to take out travel insurance to safeguard them from any unforeseen changes or cancellation of travel arrangements.


    American International School of Lusaka
    487 A/F/3 Leopards Hill Road
    Lusaka, Zambia

    Visa and Health
    Visitors to Zambia require a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Review the Zambian Immigration website for more information on the visa types and fees and apply for your eVisa if applicable.

    All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.


    Fleur De Lys

    Physical Address: Plot 2224/M Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia.
    Phone No: +260 962 160915 | +260 978 894446
    Single Occupancy Rate (Bed & Breakfast): US$ 100

    Booking: Send an email to Marcia and mention the name of the AISL Workshop you are attending.

    Taj Pamodzi Hotel

    Physical Address: Church Road, Lusaka, Zambia
    Phone No:  +260 211 254 455
    Single Occupancy Rate (Bed & Breakfast): US$ 150
    Booking: Make your reservation directly via the hotel website here

    Riverbird Guesthouse

    Physical Address: Plot 2667 Musikilli Road, Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia
    Phone No:  +260 997 678 922
    Single Occupancy Rate (Bed & Breakfast): US$ 100
    Booking: Make your reservation directly via the hotel website here

    Hanlo Estate

    hysical Address: Plot 1111 Chifwema Rd, Off Leopards Hill Rd, Lusaka, Zambia
    Phone No:  +260 961 876 215
    Single Occupancy Rate (Bed & Breakfast): US$ 90
    Booking: Send an email to Hanno ( and mention the name of the AISL Workshop you are attending.

    Airport Transfers
    If you require airport transfers, please contact and share your flight details with Janke ( at AISL.

    Hotel – School Transport
    The Host School will provide a shuttle to pick participants from either the above mentioned hotels/guesthouses in the morning and provide a return trip in the evening.


06 March 2020 AISA/COBIS Child Protection Course
04 March 2020 Adaptive Schools - Foundation
26 February 2020 Personalized Learning in a PLC at Work® Institute
24 February 2020 Assessment
22 February 2020 “I Can!”: Ensuring Language Learner Proficiency
22 February 2020 AISA Counsellors Institute
21 February 2020 Data Tells A Story: Using Data to Guide Continuous School Improvement
21 February 2020 Working with Parents as Partners to Improve Child Safety
19 February 2020 Child Protection Response Team Training - Level 1
15 February 2020 Reframing Our Learning Symposium: Exploring the Future of Engaged Learning
24 January 2020 Social-Emotional Learning: Strategies and Programs that Support Students
23 January 2020 Introduction to Design Thinking
20 January 2020 Visible Thinking
10 January 2020 ISTE Certification for Educators
20 November 2019 AISA 2019 Conference
15 November 2019 Learning to Lead
17 October 2019 Balanced Literacy to Support Readers and Writers in International Schools
14 October 2019 Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts
21 September 2019 AISA MAP Institute: Applying Reports and Informing Instruction
20 September 2019 Service Learning 101
19 September 2019 Transforming Schools: Leading and Learning in Complex Systems
09 September 2019 Impact Teams and a Peer-Power Approach
31 August 2019 Governance as Leadership Training Institute
12 April 2019 Rigorous Project Based Learning By Design
15 March 2019 AISA HR Managers Institute
15 March 2019 Service Learning 101
22 February 2019 Empowering the 21st Century Learner Through an Integrated Approach
16 February 2019 AISA Counsellors Institute
15 February 2019 Personalised Learning Symposium
15 February 2019 Literacy Institute: Developing Stronger Readers & Writers
08 February 2019 AISA Librarians' Institute
25 January 2019 Instructional Agility
18 January 2019 Cognitive Coaching Part 2 (Days 5-8)
28 November 2018 Adaptive Schools
10 November 2018 AISA Executive Assistants' Institute
09 November 2018 Service Learning 101
02 November 2018 Assessment: Reaffirming, Reworking, & Rethinking Assessment
26 October 2018 Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts - A Continuation
19 October 2018 Student Agency: Personalised Learning
11 October 2018 Building a Learning Culture in International Schools - PLC at Work Institute
06 October 2018 Making Math Meaningful: Modelling Activities to Support Engagement, Higher Order Thinking & Real-World Application
05 October 2018 Co-Teaching: Classroom Partnerships to Ensure the Success of ALL Students
22 September 2018 Using MAP Testing to Improve Student Learning & Support Continuous Improvement
21 September 2018 School Safety & Security Institute (East and Southern Africa)
17 September 2018 School Safety & Security Institute (West Africa)
13 September 2018 Transforming Schools: Leading and Learning in Complex Systems
31 August 2018 Governance as Leadership
24 August 2018 Building a Culture of Efficacy: Leading Impact Teams
24 August 2018 Teachers of Advanced Placement (AP) Institute
10 July 2018 Developing Excellence for School Nurses and Medical Personnel
19 May 2018 GDPR Institute
13 April 2018 Service Learning 201
16 March 2018 Taking Fitness to the Next Level
05 March 2018 Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)
24 February 2018 Transforming Classrooms Through Blended Learning
17 February 2018 Using Feedback Loops To Regulate and Accelerate Student Learning
09 February 2018 Exploring the Future of Diverse Learning - 2018 Symposium
26 January 2018 McREL's Classroom Instruction that Works
24 January 2018 Transforming Schools

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