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AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting strategic thinking, professional growth and 
school effectiveness.

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For up to date AISA information and to read the latest news and announcements, check out our news items below. Don't forget to share them via the social media links and to sign up to our social media groups. 

  • 16 February 2018 15:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Inviting Principals, School Heads, Board Members, Business Managers, Admissions Manager, Counsellors and Middle Leaders to the AISA 2018 Leadership Conference.

    Our varied conference programme offers deep learning experiences for everyone in school leadership and for those wanting to grow into senior leadership roles. 
    Learning with international experts, participants can choose from any of our nine Deep Dives to immerse themselves in specialised institutes and network with peers.

    The 2018 ALC has a wide range of leadership topics to explore, learn and apply. Most of our Deep Dives offer 5 hours with one expert facilitator and like-minded leaders to drill down into the depths of an issue or concept to a level where you are able to implement your thinking back at school.

    Find out More 

  • 16 February 2018 15:39 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Jefferson Overseas Technology Institute (JOSTI) is an annual five-day technology training experience for overseas educators who are interested in “hands-on” training for integrating technology across various grade levels and curriculums. There will also be a special emphasis on virtual learning, highlighting collaborative communities and shared resources.

    This annual conference is set to take place from 18th – 22nd June 2018 at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Fairfax, Virginia.

    JOSTI 2018 offers training in two strands:

    • Real Educators Only! (K-12)

    • Real Techies Only!

    Who: JOSTI is for educators (teachers, administrators, technology staff, librarians) who wish to increase awareness, understanding and use of technology.

    The technology training will be open to approximately 100 participants. One participant per school will be given priority; others will be enrolled on a space-available basis.

    To apply please send or fax the attached JOSTI Registration 2018.pdf  completed form by March 2, 2018 to:

    Chen Lofton,

    Office of Overseas Schools

    U.S. Department of State, Room H 328-SA1

    Washington, D.C. 20522-0132


    Fax: 202-261-8224

  • 12 December 2017 12:14 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is delighted to announce a new partnership with Independent School Management (ISM) that gives AISA member schools the opportunity to become members of ISM for a greatly reduced fee.

    Special AISA member school rates for ISM:

    • Gold Member dues range from US$1,027-$2,623 based on .0002 of annual operating expenses (reduced from .ooo35 of annual operating expenses)
    • Silver member dues of US$500 (reduced from US$881)

    ISM resources are highly regarded, in fact, AISA has incorporated several into our new School Effectiveness Framework. Download your copy here.

  • 12 December 2017 11:55 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Inviting AISA Member School Educators & External Consultants

    AISA welcomes interest from highly skilled, experienced facilitators who are experts in their field who want to lead learning at our events.

    AISA's professional learning programme currently includes an annual conference for educators, a leadership conference and many two-day deep learning institutes. See the website here for details of our current offerings.

    If you are interested in facilitating professional learning at one of our events, please complete the application form below to join our consultant pool. Once we have checked the referees you provide, we will consider how we could make use of your expertise in one of our events and also share your details with our member-schools when they ask for facilitators in specific areas of expertise.

    We cannot guarantee that by completing this form you will be offered a role in one of our professional learning events but we encourage you to share your details with us so we are aware of all that you have to offer.

    Consultant Pool Application Form: Here

  • 15 November 2017 11:35 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Registrations for AISA-GISS 2018 are now open! Register on the website here!

    Empowering young people to collaborate locally, regionally and globally in order to create sustainable solutions for global issues.....

    For more information please contact Ana Satzke at International School of Kenya on the official email:

  • 06 November 2017 11:44 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ALC Pre-Conference: 1st March, 2018

    All schools benefit from a varied and diverse workforce and all children deserve successful role modles that reflect the richness of humanity.

    Women are under-represented in senior leadership positions across the AISA family of schools. We want to change this.

    AISA is faciitating a one day symposium that will:

    1. Celebrate the many achievements of women in leadership roles in AISA schools
    2. Explore internal and external obstacles and blocks that may hold women back from leadership roles
    3. Explore which leadership roles appeal, why, and how to achieve them
    4. Practice application and interview skills
    5. Workshop promoting our skills, strenghts and suitability to leadership rolesALC logo RGB border

    Symposium facilitators:

     Kim Rayl

    Kim Rayl, American International School of Lagos

    Symposium Convenor

    Pauline OBrien

    Pauline O'Brien, Council of International Schools

    Identifying & Realising My Next Leadership Role

    Mary Russman

    Mary Russman, US Department of State

    Overcoming External & Internal Obstacles

    For more information and to register, see the ALC2018 website here

  • 02 November 2017 11:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

                                        28th Feb – 2nd March 2018

    Don’t miss the CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop, which has proved enormously popular around the world over the past 12 months. This event comes to Africa for the first time and is the ‘go-to’ event for Child Protection Practitioners this year.

    This event is best suited for Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, School Counsellors, Board Members and anyone involved in their school's accreditation process.

    Child Protection Badge 1 CMYK

    Council of International SchoolsFor more information or to register see the ALC website here.

    Workshop Topics Include:

    • Defining and Understanding the Causes and Practices of Sexual Abusers
      Identifying Problematic Sexual Behaviour in Young People
    • Managing Allegations / Investigating Abuse in a School Community
    • Empowering Student Voice: Developing Awareness and Protective Skills
    Strand 1
    • Accreditation Standards: A Guide for Implementation
    • Crisis 101: Leadership in Action
    • Child Protection Audits, Policies and Practices
    • Identifying, Establishing and Managing a Multi-Disciplinary Team: School Structure
    • Effective International Recruitment and Selection Practices
    Strand 2
    • Identifying Abuse and Handling Initial Disclosures
    • The Impact of Child Trauma on Learning: Describing the Long-Term Impact of Abuse on Educational Outcomes and Adult Life
    • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    • Current Best-Practices in the Treatment of Child and Adolescent Traumatic Stress
    • Working with Families in Diverse Cultural Settings to Discuss Abuse


  • 28 September 2017 11:57 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Over the last 20 years, the number of international schools has grown dramatically to support the increased demand of expatriates and diplomats seeking an internationally recognised education for their children. Currently, there are over 8,000 international schools worldwide serving 4.5 million students and employing 420,000 educators. The Atlantic covered the story this summer and found these current numbers are expected to double over the next 10 years. 

    Risk and Reality host Robert Johnson takes a deep look into the world of international schools through the lens of former teachers, international administrators, and students, who share their experiences studying and working abroad, and some of the cultural challenges, security threats and health risks that come with the territory.  Guests include Dr. Peter Bateman, the Executive Director of AISA; Maya Nelson, Principal at Hong Kong International School; Benjamin Marsh is the Principal at Excelsior International School; and several other teachers and administrators. 

    The Risk and Reality podcast is sponsored by Clements Worldwide. 

    Listen to the full podcast at the Risk and Reality page:

  • 18 September 2017 11:58 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AISA is delighted to partner with BoardSource to provide our entire school community of board and school leaders open access to BoardSource’s expertise and guidance through the BoardSource’s membership program for networked organizations.BoardSource

    Understanding the board’s overall responsibilities as well as the role it plays in such areas as advocacy and ambassadorship, fundraising and financial oversight, strategic planning, and much more is vital to your leadership and the organization’s success. We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities you have to learn about nonprofit governance through this BoardSource membership.

    The networked organizational membership grants all board and staff of AISA member schools a BoardSource membership. Membership benefits include:

    1. BoardSource’s governance experts via its “Ask-an-Expert” e-mail Q & A service.
    2. The BoardSource Exchange, a peer learning platform that enables you to connect, engage, and share governance information with all BoardSource members — volunteers and professionals like you who are committed to effective board leadership and making a difference in their communities.
    3. The R+ S Weekly and The Spark!, communications with practical tips and tools for navigating governance challenges.
    4. Monthly member 101- and 201-level webinars on a variety of board leadership topics. Upcoming webinars can be found on the Training Calendar, while recorded webinars can be found in BoardSource’s Store.
    5. Hundreds of 101-, 201-, and 301-level topic papers addressing governance issues.
    6. Discounts on BoardSource trainings, assessments, publications, and the biennial conference, the BoardSource Leadership Forum.

    Getting Started

    To begin accessing your BoardSource membership benefits, simply create a username and password through our unique sign-up form at:

    Then from there, log-in to with your established username and password to access member benefits and rates.


    If you have any questions or would like additional information about BoardSource’s membership program, please feel free to contact its Member Relations team at or phone 1-877-626-2737.

  • 06 July 2017 12:32 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    EduCare is a leading provider of online Safeguarding and Duty of Care training. EduCare and AISA work together to offer high-quality, effective online safeguarding training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to International Schools around the world.

    Child Protection

    EduCare has recently updated nine of their most popular safeguarding courses to meet the specific needs of those working within the international schools sector.

    All courses are included in the EduCare for Education online learning service which combines essential safeguarding and duty of care training courses with a robust reporting suite to evidence learning.

    EduCare for Education consists of over 20 high-quality online learning courses that are designed and produced by recognised experts and cover essential duty of care training areas.

    AISA Member Schools are also eligible for an exclusive 10% discount off EduCare for Education.

    Contact Laura Brain via email or call +44 1926 436230 to find out more.

    What is EduCare Online Safeguarding and Professional Development Training?

    Safer RecruitementEduCare for Education is an online learning service which provides unlimited access to a range of CPD Certified training courses written or endorsed by subject experts.
    Courses cover topics such as:

    • Safer Recruitment for International Schools
    • Child Protection for International Schools
    • Online Safety
    • Health and Safety in Education
    • Food Hygiene
    • Equality and Diversity
    • First Aid
    • Data Protection

    Each course is independently verified at between 1 and 6 hours of CPD by the CPD Certification Service.

    Personalised certificates are provided upon course completion to provide evidence of learning, and management reports enable you to track who has completed the training.

    Reduced Rates and FREE Trial are available for AISA Members. 

    AISA Members are entitled to a 10% preferred discount off EduCare for Education

    Alternatively register for your no obligation FREE trial.

    Visit the EduCare website to find Out More.


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