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AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting strategic thinking, professional growth and 
school effectiveness.

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AISA Conferences 

AISA Conferences offer a unique opportunity for international school leaders and educators to come together for a few days of deep learning, networking and inspiration. They will challenge your thinking and inform your practice, helping to take your school to the next level. 

AISA 2019

21st - 23rd November 2019 CITCC, Cape Town

Join us in stunning Cape Town for the 2019 AISA Conference on 21- 23 November 2019. Learn with world experts, network with colleagues and enjoy the AISA vibe. And whilst in Cape Town, why not visit the AISA member schools, the shops and restaurants on the Waterfront, explore the wineries, see the whales at Hermanus, climb Table Mountain or drive to the Cape of Good Hope?

Registrations for this event are now closed. Registered delegates however may click the button below to select their sessions or modify their registration. Kindly contact if you require further clarification.

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 AISA Invitational Conference 

 AIC East 

 7th - 8th March 2020

 Brookhouse School

 (Runda Campus), Kenya

Schools today need to prepare students for a future we can't yet imagine. Your students are future leaders who will invent technologies we don’t yet know we need, work in jobs that don't yet exist and solve problems they did not create. The world will seem a much smaller place to them as they work for global companies, moving in and out of many cultures and work with people who are different to themselves. As educators we must prepare our students to be globally competent learners, leaders and citizens who will succeed in the future.

The AISA Invitational Conference is for teachers and school leaders who are committed to developing students who will become highly competent international professionals, scholars and leaders . All the workshops are led by expert-practitioners from Kenya, the USA, UK, all teaching at accredited International Schools in Nairobi. These practitioners work in international schools where global competence is at the heart of all the teaching and learning and where students are being prepared to take their places in a globalised, fast moving world. Who better to learn from as you consider how to make sure your students are ahead of the pack.

Register for the AIC today to benefit from our Early Bird Discount.

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Why not also join us for the AISA-COBIS Child Protection Course running a day before the AIC event on 6th March 2019 also at Brookhouse. Click here for more details and to register separately for this event

AISA School Heads Retreat

2nd - 3rd May 2020

Park Hyatt, Zanzibar

Join us for the AISA School Heads’ Retreat in beautiful Zanzibar where we create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for Heads with opportunities for conversation, networking, peer to peer learning and collaboration.

Our School Heads Retreat (SHR) programme is designed as an opportunity for heads of school to learn from each other, to network, to share and reflect on their own expertise in a facilitated and productive way. This year we have added a focus on wellbeing and semi-structured time for informal conversations between peers. For heads new to Africa, it will be a chance to get to know their colleagues and experience first-hand the collegial and generous spirit that characterizes the AISA region. All of this will happen in the fascinating surrounds of Zanzibar where there will be ample time to relax and explore as well.

As a result of participating at the SHR, you can expect to:

1. Engage in informal conversations and discussions with other Heads in our region to build professional networks, connections and peer support

2. Discuss questions, issues and challenges from your professional practice and seek advice from your peers in Collaborative Enquiry workshops

3. Learn how your peers have achieved ambitious goals and aspirations and consider applications for your own practice and context in Innovative Practice workshops

4. Engage with the issue of improving wellbeing across the school and creating a culture of wellness in our Talking Point Workshop

5. Raise questions, discuss, offer suggestions and gain the views of others in semi-structured Open Space facilitations

6. Engage with future-focused issues in international education, consider your responses and plan in the Future Focus workshops

7. Participate in the cultural experience that is Zanzibar to deepen your appreciation our region

More information to follow


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